Do I need to participate in Panhellenic formal recruitment to join Phi Sigma Rho?

No, our chapter does not participate in Northeastern Panhellenic formal recruitment. Instead, we host a separate recruitment during which prospective new members (PNMs) only rush our chapter, rather than all the chapters at once as with formal recruitment.

Why do you not fully participate in Panhellenic formal recruitment?

Since we have a requirement for certain majors that are accepted in our chapter, we host a separate recruitment for PNMs who are eligible to rush.

However, we are an affiliate chapter of Northeastern Panhellenic and are super excited to participate in all other Panhellenic (and Northeastern Fraternity and Sorority Life in general) operations and events! 

Are all majors accepted in Phi Rho?

PNMs studying engineering, engineering technologies, and technical studies are eligible to rush Phi Rho. We are always hoping to expand our accepted majors list!

Our accepted majors at Northeastern are listed below:

Applied Physics

Behavioral Neuroscience



Biomedical Physics

Cell and Molecular Biology


Computer Science

Data Science

Environmental and Sustainability Sciences




Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Can I join Phi Rho if I am in another social/Panhellenic sorority?

Unfortunately, no. Phi Rho is a social sorority and an affiliate chapter in Northeastern Panhellenic, and it is against both our and their policies for a student to be in multiple social organizations.

Can I join if I am not a freshman?

Absolutely! Any PNM with an eligible major is welcome to rush. We have a large portion of members who rushed as non-freshmen.

When is recruitment and what are the details?

We host recruitment at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. You can visit our Instagram (linked below or @phirhonu) to find our interest form for the upcoming recruitment cycle as early as August (fall rush) or December (spring rush). Filling out the interest form and monitoring our social media is the best way to stay up to date on our recruitment details!

If you've filled out the recruitment interest form, you will receive emails with the details of the dates and timing, as well as any dress code, for the recruitment events that semester. Generally, there are two weeknight events and one longer weekend event, plus two invite-only weekend events following that. Overall, it is about 5 hours of commitment, plus ~4 hours of commitment for the invite-only events.

How much does it cost to be in Phi Sigma Rho?

Our dues vary per semester, but you can expect the financial commitment to be under $400 per semester. The candidate/first semester includes additional costs associated with becoming an initiated member that are not associated with other semesters after that.

We ALWAYS offer payment plans to spread out financial burden and have both a chapter and national scholarship fund that members can apply for to offset the cost of dues. Additionally, our nationals offers scholarships that active members can apply for based on merit and need.

What kind of events do you have?

We host both internal and external events of all kinds! Within the chapter, we host bonding/sisterhood, scholarship, diversity & inclusion, professional development, and other types of events. Externally, we participate in service events to give back to organizations in our area and host philanthropy events to raise money for worthwhile organizations and our national philanthropy, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We also help to host social events with other Greek and non-Greek organizations on campus and participate in Northeastern FSL events such as Take it to the Floor and Greek Sing.

What is the time commitment for Phi Rho?

While there is a set of minimum requirements to encourage participation in Phi Rho, members are encouraged to put as much time into the organization as they are able to at the time. We recognize that Northeastern students have ebbs and flows in their schedules and may be able to dedicate more time during some semesters or periods than others. Minimum requirements include basic expectations for participation in important events such as service and philanthropy, and attending other mandatory events such as chapter meetings. The time commitment for an active member is, on average, about 2-7 hours per week and is a bit more for candidates during their first semester as they are participating in New Member Education once per week.

What academic support is there in Phi Rho?

We have a Scholarshio Director specifically to provide academic support to our members! They host scholarship and academic development events throughout the semester, including destress events like movie nights and zoo trips, group class registration events, PowerPoint nights, and more! They also oversee the study rooms on campus, which provide a daily location for members only to have a quiet space to work. Lastly, our Academic Development status allows members who are struggling in school at the moment to have reduced requirements and extra support from our Scholarship Director.

How many members do you have right now?

We have 55 members as of Fall 2022, but we are always hoping to grow more!